Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tomato Season Means Tomato Sandwiches

For the first 25 years of my life, I never heard of a tomato sandwich. Then I moved to North Carolina and someone asked me if I wanted one.

"A what?" I asked.
"A tomato sandwich," was the reply in a matter of fact tone as if I should know what they were talking about.
"Do you mean a sandwich that just has tomato on it?"
"Yes, of course," they said.

Well, I wasnt' afraid to try it, because I happen to love tomatoes. And sure enough, a sandwich made up of a couple of good slices of tomatoes and a little dab of mayo was pretty tasty. Now I look forward to the time of year when tomatoes ripen and I can savor the yummy southern, summer delicacy of a tomato sandwich. I took this picture of the one I had a couple of days ago. It was my first of the summer. I did a little jig in my kitchen cuz tomato season is here.

I know that some of you readers from other non-south portions of the world may read this and think we're nuts down here. We're not, we just love our fruits and veggies. I'll let you know how the tomato-and-watermelon salad tastes (I found the recipe in the Southern Living magazine) when I make it next week. Oh, and last week at a VBS family night gathering, someone brought bananna and mayo sandwiches. Haven't tried that one yet. Don't know if I will. :)


clcolley said...

The banana and mayo are good!! Also another one that Eddie introduced me to is pineapple and mayo....I've not tried that one.....

Jenn said...

Everytime I come to your recipe blog I see that yummy samdwich! I still have not tried it-- I am going to the farmers market this weekend to get some GOOD tomatoes!


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