Saturday, November 24, 2012

Edible Gifting

Giving food as gifts is a wonderful way to share with friends and loved ones. My friend, Connie, loves cooking, especially healthful cooking. She was recently asked to do the cooking segments for a local Saturday television news show.

During her recent segment, she showed how easy it is to give food as a gift. She suggested taking what you and your family love to eat and gifting it to others. You can create kits which when added to common ingredients in the kitchen turn into yummy treats. You can also gather all the needed ingredients for a specific recipe and place them in a basket along with the recipe.

After you have assembled the food items, use creativity to package them. Mason jars and Chinese take-out boxes are cute and easy options. Finish by tying on a cute gift tag.

Below are the gift tags I created for Connie to use on the segment. You can find the recipes that go with these tags at Connie's blog.

Click on the image below that you want to print. Right click and choose 'save image as'. After opening, choose your computer's print option. Print at full 8.5 X 11 page size.

Please leave comments if you have questions about how to print these. I will be happy to help.
Have fun gifting your favorite recipes!


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