Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tomato Season Means Tomato Sandwiches

For the first 25 years of my life, I never heard of a tomato sandwich. Then I moved to North Carolina and someone asked me if I wanted one.

"A what?" I asked.
"A tomato sandwich," was the reply in a matter of fact tone as if I should know what they were talking about.
"Do you mean a sandwich that just has tomato on it?"
"Yes, of course," they said.

Well, I wasnt' afraid to try it, because I happen to love tomatoes. And sure enough, a sandwich made up of a couple of good slices of tomatoes and a little dab of mayo was pretty tasty. Now I look forward to the time of year when tomatoes ripen and I can savor the yummy southern, summer delicacy of a tomato sandwich. I took this picture of the one I had a couple of days ago. It was my first of the summer. I did a little jig in my kitchen cuz tomato season is here.

I know that some of you readers from other non-south portions of the world may read this and think we're nuts down here. We're not, we just love our fruits and veggies. I'll let you know how the tomato-and-watermelon salad tastes (I found the recipe in the Southern Living magazine) when I make it next week. Oh, and last week at a VBS family night gathering, someone brought bananna and mayo sandwiches. Haven't tried that one yet. Don't know if I will. :)

Almond Cappucino Pie!

This is a yummy and easy pie! I lessened the calories by using sugar free, low fat and "lite" ingredients. I haven't found a low calorie substitute for the crust yet, but every little bit helps.

1 (small) pkg instant vanilla pudding
1 1/2 c. milk
2 t. instant coffee granules
1 c. cool whip
1/2 t. almond extract
1 oreo crust

Here's how to put it together:

Dissolve coffee granules in almond flavoring and milk.

Then, add pudding to milk mixture.

Fold in Cool Whip.

Get one of these yummy pie crusts! There is nothing like it!

Pour into crust. Refrigerate and enjoy!


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